Among Us Gets New Merch, Official Plush Coming Soon

New Among Us merch is now available for the game’s many players to purchase alongside promises of more items to come soon including one that people have been putting in plenty of requests for. The new merch was shown off this week by Among Us developer InnerSloth and its merch partner Dual Wield Studio, but there’s no telling how long it’ll remain in stock. Dual Wield Studio also shared updates on past merch items as well as the long-awaited official Among Us plush that’s coming soon.

The new merch that’s available now in a limited capacity is admittedly a bit dated at this point since it’s all themed around the holidays, but it’s available regardless for those who want to plan ahead for the end of the year if you think you’ll still be active in Among Us by then. A sweatshirt for those in the Northern Hemisphere and a t-shirt for those in the Southern Hemisphere along with a general Among Us-themed holiday sweater are the new arrivals in the store.

But perhaps the news from the merch update is the new item that perhaps makes the most sense of all when it comes to Among Us: The official plush figures. Seen above, these plushes mirror the designs of the Crewmates that players control in Among Us.

Dual Wield Studio said that the new Crewmate plush figures aren’t available right now, but when they do go live, they’ll be sold in 12 different colors. You can go ahead and preview those today through the InnerSloth store to see what they’ll look like, and if you want to be kept up on the merch news and be informed as soon as these are available, you can sign up to receive updates from the same site.


As for things that people might’ve already purchased from the InnerSloth store, Dual Wield Studio shared an update on those items as well. COVID-19 complications and shipping delays affected the process of getting purchases into buyers’ hands, but Dual Wield Studio said shirts purchased through the site should start shipping out over the next couple of weeks.

Be sure to sign up on the InnerSloth store’s site if you want to know when the new Among Us merch arrives and to stay updated on future releases.