Arcade1Up Teases More Lightgun Classics After Big Buck Hunter (Exclusive)

The home arcade providers of Arcade1up introduced a brand new lineup for nostalgic gamers to get excited over, and while the prospect of pinball and classic fighting games were big enough by themselves, the company also announced a major game changer with the reveal of Big Buck Hunter, which will be able to use lightgun technology on an LCD monitor. This is the first Arcade1Up cabinet to feature lightgun peripherals, and it paves the way for many fan-favorite games to be released sometime in the near future after Big Buck Hunter hits stores.

During a discussion with David McIntosh, the marketing director for Arcade1Up's parent company Tastemakers, LLC, he expressed excitement for Big Buck Hunter opening the door for future titles.

"I think a notable release for us this year was the lightgun technology for Big Buck Hunter. We partnered with Sinden Technology, and they develop a state of the art lightgun technology that's compatible on LCD screens. So that's something that a lot of our fans are going nuts for. Some people love Big Buck. Some people don't really mind for it, but the technology itself opens the door for all shooter genre games for us. So if you're not a fan of Big Buck Hunter, maybe you're a fan of other games that use lightgun technology."

Lightgun games have been a staple of arcades for many decades now, with some classic titles including Area 51, House of the Dead, Time Crisis, and countless others. While McIntosh wouldn't specifically name what's in the works, he did confirm that fans should stay tuned for future announcements.


We're trying to capture the arcade experience at home, and there's no reason for us to not eventually rerelease all the classics. So if there's titles, some people are saying, 'Why haven't you released The House of the Dead? Where's Terminator? Where's Area 51?' And you know, just hang tight. This is our first time working on lightgun technology. We wanted to make sure that we did it right.

Big Buck Hunter was announced alongside Marvel vs. Capcom, X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Pinball, and the very first rerelease of the iconic Ms. Pacman arcade cabinet. Expect to learn more details about these offerings, including release dates, in the coming weeks.