Battlefield 2042 Playtest Leaked

Following the Halo Infinite beta, it looks like Battlefield 2042 is getting a beta, or more specifically, a playtest that will, unfortunately, be private. The playtest hasn't been publicly announced, which makes sense given that it's private, but it's been leaked by reliable sources who have shared the official emails being sent out regarding the test, which of course also shared a smattering of details about the test and what to expect.

Taking to Twitter, Battlefield insider and leaker Tom Henderson relayed word that the test will commence on August 12 and run until August 15. In other words, last three days and will happen over six sessions, with each session being three hours long (minus the final one which will be nine hours for a grand total of 24 hours of playtime).

Unfortunately, there's no way to get into this test. You have to be invited, and it appears invites are at a premium. That said, don't be surprised if someone breaks NDA and leaks details pertaining to the test. Of course, if this happens, we will be sure to update you with what you need to know.

We will also update the story if EA or any official party comments on this leak. The leak just surfaced online, so there's plenty of time still to respond, but so far, there's been no official word on any of this.


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