Battlefield 2042 Teases Change to Controversial Feature

There are a lot of things Battlefield fans don't like about Battlefield 2042. One of the biggest qualms players have with the game though is its specialists. Unfortunately, for these players, they are central to the game's design, which means they aren't going anywhere. This doesn't mean changes can't be made where the confines of the game's design allow for it though. To this end, Dice has teased changes to specialists are coming.

"Still got the annoying voiceovers, and where is the EoR scoreboard, since when or why has it been left to the very end and you have to press start to activate it," said a fan Over on the EA Forums. "The EoR should go to the top squad then personal in-game awards then scoreboard should show up. Just get rid of that voice-over nonsense it is annoying and does not really make me want to play the game."

It was replying to this that a verified developer on the game teased that some changes to "the style and tone" are coming to specialists.  "We've heard your feedback on the EoR voice lines, and it's something we're actively reviewing. Expect changes to the Style and Tone of them in a future update," said the developer.

When are these changes coming? The developer doesn't say, but if they are currently in the works, it shouldn't be very long. Again though, while these type of changes are on the board for specialists, don't expect anything drastic. 

"It is not that easy. I saw the community proposals... and there is more design work required," said another developer about proposed changes to specialists earlier this month. "The specialists touch a lot of parts in the game that need to be considered during a redesign. So it's more than take it and code it."

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H/T, MP1st.