Battlefield 6 Insider Teases All-New Multiplayer Feature

A massive new detail regarding the multiplayer component of Battlefield 6 has potentially been revealed. According to one insider who routinely has scoops related to the Battlefield franchise, this year's installment is going to bring back a feature from past titles that many fans have long-adored. However, the version of this feature that we will potentially see in Battlefield 6 will be a bit different than before.

Teased on social media by one Tom Henderson, this year's iteration of Battlefield is going to once again bring back destructible environments. This is something that has been a staple in the series for quite a long time at this point, but Henderson indicated that weapons, explosives, and vehicles aren't the only things that will cause destruction this time around. In Battlefield, explosions are not the only thing that can damage and topple buildings. Mother nature can do a whole lot more," Henderson said. His message on Twitter was then followed up by a few additional pictures that showed off a tornado, flood, lava, and the aftermath of an earthquake.

Based on what Henderson is saying here, it seems like Battlefield 6's multiplayer aspect will feature natural disasters that could level each stage in a major way. Although it's not really known how these natural disasters could play a part in each multiplayer match, it seems like it could be similar to Battlefield 4. In that iteration, multiplayer maps would change drastically over the course of a game and would sometimes feature massive, level-altering moments.

Obviously, DICE and Electronic Arts haven't said anything about natural disasters appearing in Battlefield 6 just yet, so you should definitely take this with a grain of salt for the moment. That being said, Henderson's past track record with leaks of this type tells us that he very much could be correct with this information. We'll have to wait until later this spring to begin hearing more.

At the moment, Battlefield 6 doesn't have a release date but we do know that it's going to come to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we'll surely start to learn more about the highly-anticipated shooter directly from EA.


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