Clank! Catacombs Announced

A new standalone version of the popular board game Clank! is coming out soon. Dire Wolf Digital announced Clank! Catacombs, a new dungeon-delving game that can be played as a standalone adventure or can be combined with other Clank! cards. Unlike other Clank! games, which features a static dungeon, Clank! Catacombs features tiles that players lay as they explore the dungeon. Clank! Catacombs also features mechanics like ghosts that can haunt players to death if disturbed, prisoners that need to be freed, and wayshrines that offer riches and treasures to players. You can check out a trailer for Clank! Catacombs below:   

Clank! is a unique deck-building card game that involves traveling through a dungeon to steal treasure from some sort of large monster. Players draw cards from their deck that gives them either Skill, Swords, or Boots, each of which grants them different options for their turn. Players add cards to the deck by spending Skill, they move through the deck by spending Boots, and they defeat monsters by using Swords. Some cards generate "Clank!" which represents the noisiness a player makes as they tramp through the dungeon. Players place Clank! cubes aside whenever they generate Clank! and put into the Dragon bag whenever certain cards trigger a Dragon (or other large monster) to attack. If a player's color-coded cube is drawn, the players take damage and are one step closer to death. 

Other Clank! expansions have added new monsters, new dungeons and areas to explore, and unique new mechanics and kinds of cards that players can add to their decks over time. 

Earlier this year, Dire Wolf announced that they had taken over publishing of Clank! from Renegade Game Studios, who had partnered with the digital game studio to make the tabletop game. In their announcement, Dire Wolf noted that they still had plans to expand their Clank! line with new expansions and games. 


No release date or price has been announced for Clank! Catacombs.