Laura Bailey Left The Game Awards Early to Play Dungeons & Dragons on Critical Role

Award winning voice actor Laura Bailey ditched The Game Awards early to play Dungeons & Dragons with her friends. Bailey is a prolific voice actress best known for her work on countless video games and anime series, including franchises like Gears of War, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Marvel's Spider-Man. Bailey was up for a "Best Performance" Game Award this year for her work on Gears 5, but she left last night's award ceremony early to appear on Critical Role, her weekly Dungeons & Dragons webseries.

Bailey had tweeted earlier in the evening that she would miss that night's episode because she was attending the Game Awards, but she made a surprise appearance on Critical Role at about 10:45 PM, a few minutes before the Game Awards announced the "Best Performance" winner. Bailey joked that she left the award ceremony early after learning that her fellow cast member Sam Riegel was using her large dice bag as a prop for the show. Luckily, the Game Awards were held at the Microsoft Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, so it likely wasn't too far of a drive to get to Critical Role's studio in Burbank, CA. Bailey arrived still dressed in full award shows attire, which made her appearance all the more impactful.


Bailey ended up losing the Game Awards "Best Performance" category to Mads Mikkelsen, but she did make it to Critical Role to participate in a very sensitive part of the game. Bailey's party, the Mighty Nein, is dealing with a dangerous mage while trying to stop a war between two great countries, and uncover a cult that's trying to release Tharizdun, one of the most powerful and dangerous deities in Dungeons & Dragons. During last night's episode Bailey's character Jester also purchased a powerful adhesive that permanently bonds objects together...for forever. Considering Jester's mischievous nature and the trouble that Bailey usually puts her character in, that glue might be a bigger prize than any Game Award.

Critical Role airs new episodes on its Twitch channel at Thursdays at 7 PM PT. Episodes are also posted weekly on YouTube.