Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course Goes Gold After New Gameplay Reveal

Cuphead developer Studio MDHR shared a new look at the long-awaited DLC The Delicious Last Course this week ahead of the DLC's arrival planned for later this month. This new content stars Ms. Chalice who'll join Cuphead and Mugman as a playable character in the DLC and comes complete with her own abilities and moves players will become accustomed to while they traverse the Inkwell Isle location included in The Delicious Last Course.

This DLC is scheduled to launch on June 30th and will be priced at $7.99, Studio MDHR said this week. It's set to be available across all platforms that Cuphead is on currently which includes Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can check out the gameplay from The Delicious Last Course below after it made an appearance during Summer Game Fest's opening event on Thursday.

During a preview of The Delicious Last Course which attended, we got to see Ms. Chalice in action as you see in the footage above. Ms. Chalice stands out from Cuphead and Mugman by having a built-in double jump which seemed to be particularly useful when trying to dodge the many projectiles headed her way. Combine that with an air dash ability and it's evident that Ms. Chalice was intended to be an acrobatic threat for the bosses of The Delicious Last Course.

"It feels surreal to say it, but the release of The Delicious Last Course is truly just around the corner!" Studio MDHR's executive producer and studio director Maja Moldenhauer said in a press release accompanying the DLC news. "In the truest sense of the words, this game has been a labor of love, and we cannot wait to see what the wonderful Cuphead community thinks of this next exciting adventure. In particular, we're thrilled to finally share the untold story of Ms. Chalice, and I feel so proud of our team for the increased level of artistry on display in every department – from design, to animation, to music."

Cuphead's The Delicious Last Course will be available for purchase on June 30th for all those who already own Cuphead.