Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game Fully Funded With 18 Days to Go

The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game spun off of the hilarious comic and animated short series is going strong during their Kickstarter campaign. With only 18 days to go, the team has already met their goal of over $300,000 and continues the push to provide extras for each milestone continuing to be met.

(Low res because of file size limits, but you get the idea)

The upcoming game is a point-and-click adventure that will feature the same dark (and often gross) humor seen in the animated shorts. All of the weird comedic drama that you'd expect all wrapped up in a hilarious new game. According the Kickstarter page:

"Our hero on the left is Coop, whose only goals are to make it through school without becoming "the weird" kid and to avoid the apocalypse.

He will fail at both.

He'll be joined by Sawyer, an aspiring investigative journalist with a know-it-all streak and Chowder, a man who wants only to be left alone to write comments on YouTube. He's that kind of person."

The team also mentions that despite dreaded ESRB ratings score, they plan to write how they "normally do." The comedy team promises that fans of their work through the years will be able to play the very same adventures they have enjoyed over time with the hilarious world they've created.

Just like any Kickstarter campaign, there are different tiered rewards depending on how much is donated. Here is the breakdown on how much gets you what:

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The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game is expected to be release in December of 2018. Don't forget to check out their awesome Kickstarter page too to show your support! The campaign officially ends on October 5th.