Dead by Daylight Releases Ghostface, New Gameplay Trailer

Dead by Daylight’s newest Killer is now prowling the Entity’s twisted playgrounds now that Ghostface has been released. After spending some time on the game’s test servers for some players to get an early look at Ghostface while Behaviour Interactive ironed out any problems, the character is now available across all platforms. There’s no Survivor attached to this chapter nor is there a map that’s been released with Ghostface though, so the Killer is the sole focus of this release.

Ghostface – stylized as “The Ghost Face” in Dead by Daylight – has been on the test servers for two weeks now, so many players are probably already quite familiar with what the Killer is capable of. For those who aren’t the gameplay trailer above walks you through everything Ghostface can do so that you’ll have a start on knowing how to play as and against him. By using his unique power called “Night Shroud,” Ghostface can remain undetected by Survivors while stalking them and revealing their location.

“When the power gauge is full, Night Shroud can be activated, completely hiding his terror radius,” Behaviour Interactive said about Ghostface’s power. “When active, The Ghost Face can lean around corners and stalk Survivors. Stalking a Survivor for a short time will leave them exposed. Attacking or being detected by Survivors will deplete the power gauge and end Night Shroud. Additionally, The Ghost Face may crouch at any time by pressing the active ability button. Crouching while Night Shroud is active will hide The Ghost Face’s red stain.”


Ghostface’s perks are all about continuing to put the pressure on Survivors by stalking them no matter if they’re near or far. “I’m All Ears” is a perk that reveals Survivors when they performed rushed actions outside Ghostface’s terror radius and “Furtive Chase” is an Obsession perk that reduces your terror radius when hooking the Obsession. The Killer’s strongest perk appears to be “Thrilling Tremors,” a perk which blocks all generators that aren’t being repaired when a Survivor is picked up. The affected generators are highlighted, so you can quickly discern which ones are being worked on at the time.

Some changes have been made to Ghostface’s stats since his time on the test servers though, so if you’re planning on picking him up now that he’s live, you’ll want to consult Behaviour Interactive’s notes to see what’s new. The changes seem to be quite beneficial for the Killer with Ghostface now having faster movement speed when crouched, no audible cue when exiting Night Shroud, and other buffs.