Dead by Daylight Shows Off More Survivor Updates

Behaviour Interactive showed off the first of some new Survivor models this week by revealing Meg’s update first, and just as expected, the developer has more than just one update for players to see. After sharing Meg’s, Behaviour Interactive followed it up by showing off the changes for both Dwight and Claudette. That should mean that Jake is next, and once his is revealed, we’ll have seen all of the ones that we know for sure are planned.

The changes for both Dwight and Claudette can be seen below both in video form and in some still images that show the before and after. In the images, the character models shown on the upper portion of each picture are the new ones while the models on the bottom half of the images are the old models. As was the case with the Meg model when it was revealed, Behaviour Interactive stressed that these changes are only work-in-progress updates which means that the final result people see in the live game may not look exactly like this.

The order in which these characters’ updates have been revealed follow the results of a community poll where Behaviour Interactive asked the players which Survivor update they’d want to see previewed first. The community decidedly chose Meg with Dwight and Claudette coming in at second and third place, respectively, though their results were quite close to one another. Jake came in last place, but since we’ve already seen the updates for everyone else in the poll, it means his is next.

It’s unclear to what extent the Survivor updates are being done since only four Survivors were listed in the poll. Assuming Behaviour Interactive continues down the list of Survivors after these four, the next ones in line would be Nea, Ace, Laurie Strode from the Halloween Chapter, and Bill from the Left 4 Dead series.

Release dates for these character updates haven’t been provided, but whenever they’re close to being ready, they’ll likely be released on the test servers first for players to go hands-on with. While we wait to learn more about the plans for these, players can look forward to the new Resident Evil Chapter releasing in June, though we don’t have a precise release date for that either.