Dead by Daylight Previews First of New Survivor Models

Behaviour Interactive has been updating different parts of Dead by Daylight over the past couple of months that ranged from the maps to the characters themselves. Much of the work on the characters was centered around the models for different Killers as well as characters' animations, and now, the developer is previewing some of the additional work that's been done on Survivors' models. In a preview of the first of what'll end up being several different model updates, Behaviour Interactive showed off Meg's new look on Thursday.

The before and after for Meg can be seen below courtesy of a video and some side-by-side concept images for comparison. Meg was one of the original Survivors in Dead by Daylight and has retained her popularity ever since then, so it's unsurprising that she won the community poll whenever Behaviour Interactive asked which of the model updates for Survivors that players wanted to see first.

The model on the left in the video shows the old version of Meg while the model on the right shows the new version. It's worth noting that Behaviour Interactive said this was a work-in-progress model, so the one that players might see whenever it's actually added to the game will likely look a bit different from the one we see here.

The good news about this preview is that, even if you didn't vote to see Meg's update first, more are almost certainly on the way. Behaviour Interactive routinely previewed the updates for the game's different Realms while they were being worked on, and it looks like it's poised to do the same for the Survivors. The poll included options for Dwight, Claudette, and Jake, the other original Survivors from Dead by Daylight, so if they were all options, it means those were likely ready to be shown off too. Chances are high we'll see them shared sometime in the future.


Character models aside, Dead by Daylight players have another new Chapter to look forward to in the next few months. That crossover will bring Resident Evil characters to the game, though we don't know yet which ones will be added. A survey that went out recently asked about crossovers as well and included lists of interesting ideas in it which may or may not end up in Dead by Daylight in the future.