Dr Disrespect Reportedly Not Moving to YouTube

With no official word from the streamer Dr Disrespect about his next plans for streaming following his ban from Twitch, the streamer’s viewers have been left to decipher what his next move might be on their own. An update to his Twitter profile noticed recently saw his Twitch link replaced with a YouTube one which spurred on suggestions that he could be making a move to YouTube’s platform instead, but according to insider Rod Breslau, no such conversations between YouTube and Dr Disrespect have happened. Taking that one step further, it’s been reported that “nobody” is talking to the streamer right now about those sorts of deals.

Breslau, an insider and esports consultant, appeared during a HasanAbi stream to talk about streaming news related to Donald Trump being unbanned from Twitch and Ninja’s potential move to YouTube. During a discussion about the latter, Breslau said Ninja was talking to YouTube and Twitch about what to do next. After mentioning Shroud as well, another high-profile streamer who was without a home after Mixer’s shutdown, Breslau said those two were some of the biggest streamers in the West. HasanAbi interjected to mention Dr Disrespect to which Breslau responded by saying “nobody’s talking to Dr Disrespect.”

Clarifying those comments just afterwards, Breslau said he can confirm that YouTube is not talking to Dr Disrespect right now.

Mixer’s shutdown predated Dr Disrespect’s ban by just a few days with both of those leaving big-name streamers without dedicated platforms to stream on. Streamers like Ninja have returned since then for their own individual streams, but Dr Disrespect hasn’t said streamed again nor has it said much aside from a brief statement which claimed Twitch hadn’t told him why he’d been banned.


Dr Disrespect’s updated Twitter bio featuring his YouTube channel also spurred on the speculations that he’d end up on YouTube instead of Twitch, though that’s apparently not the case. The much more likely explanation for the bio change is that Dr Disrespect simply wanted to direct people towards his YouTube channel which has been live since 2010 seeing how you can’t watch any of his stuff on Twitch right now. It hasn’t been updated with new videos in two weeks, but having some content on display is better than having no content.

As of now, neither Dr Disrespect nor any of the other biggest streamers like Ninja have made any public decisions about where they’ll be streaming next.