Dr Disrespect Gets Trolled in Birthday Message on Local News

Popular YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect was trolled pretty hard this past week thanks to some help [...]

Popular YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect was trolled pretty hard this past week thanks to some help from a local news station. In a coordinated attempt that involved another streamer and legion of viewers, a cheeky dig was thrown at Dr Disrespect in a clip that proved to be quite funny.

The streamer at the center of this trolling maneuver is that of Sebastian "Forsen" Fors. The Twitch streamer is one that has been known for playing pranks on others in the past, and this time around, Dr Disrespect was in his sights. Along with the help from his viewers, Forsen was able to get an ABC news affiliate in Syracuse, New York to wish Dr Disrespect a happy birthday. Although the newscasters didn't refer to him as Dr Disrespect--his real name Guy Beahm was used along with an image of him not wearing his streaming attire--the message itself is where the real trolling came in.

"Happy Birthday Guy! Here's to your 40s, they say. Bringing even more momentum and success. Keep on being a champion," the message said on air. While that might not seem like trolling at first, it's the second part of this message which is where the punchline hits. "This comes from the love of your life and your beautiful family. Your wife Nina and baby boy Sebastian," the caster went on to say. Those names, Nina and Sebastian, are specifically the first names of Forsen and his girlfriend.

Perhaps the silliest part of all of this is that this past week wasn't even Dr Disrespect's birthday. The YouTube streamer's actual birthday falls in March. This means that Forsen and his viewers went out of their way to pull this stunt for no other reason other than making the local news do their bidding. There's no real point to do this, but hey, it makes for good content and provides a nice chuckle. Sometimes, that all you really need.

As for Dr Disrespect himself, it's unknown if he happened to see the clip. Within the past few weeks, the Doc has been a bit busy with the idea of streaming other video games as he now thinks that Call of Duty: Warzone has gotten stale.

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