Dragon Quest Builders Nintendo Switch Release Date Revealed

Do you love building stuff? Are you a big Minecraft fan? Do you freaking love RPGs and everything Dragon Quest?! We have some great news for you! This morning Nintendo and Square Enix revealed that Dragon Quest Builders will be making its way to Nintendo Switch on February 9!

This morning's press release confirmed that the Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest Builders will feature exclusive content not found in the PlayStation 4 or Vita versions of the game. Players will be able to hop on the back of an adorable Sabrecub and ride it as a mount, and there will be additional crafting options as well. We didn't see any mention of touch-screen functionality specifically, but that would make item management and building more convenient, and literally more hands-on.

"Dragon Quest Builders features a large world to explore, including hidden treasures to discover and epic structures to build. Players can use their creativity to fulfill characters' requests and build incredible towns using not only fun materials, but also their imaginations. In Terra Incognita - the game's free-build mode - players can even upload their creations online, or download buildings made by other players."

I can tell you as someone who never quite managed to get into Minecraft that Dragon Quest Builders offers just enough structure to suck in anyone who grew up with the series, and who's looking for something a little different. There is a free-building mode you can indulge in if you'd like, but the main story campaign offers a more linear mode of progression with RPG mechanics that you'd expect in a Dragon Quest game: leveling up, upgrading weapons and armor, loads of quests, and a full cast of wonderful characters with whom you'll interact.

Don't miss this one! Dragon Quest Builders is going to be your favorite new time-sink on the Nintendo Switch, and we can't wait to dive in. We'll have hands-on performance impressions for you as soon as we're able, so stay tuned!