'Dungeons & Dragons' Returns to Eberron

Dungeons & Dragons is officially returning to Eberron.

The popular tabletop RPG game announced that it was releasing Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron, a new campaign setting publication that brings the world of Eberron into the Fifth Edition rules. The publication is now available on the Dungeon Masters Guild, an official D&D website that sells "official" third-party content using official D&D rules and trademarked names and places.

Originally released in 2003, Eberron is a fantasy world that combined elements of noir and steampunk into a bold new setting. Eberron was filled with magically powered airships and robotic Warforged constructs, along with more dangerous and morally grey characters. Notably, the new publication is written by Keith Baker, the creator of Eberron. Eberron won a huge Fantasy Setting Search content back in 2002, and Baker continues to provide updates for his world on his website. Baker also recently alluded to be on a tight deadline, which likely had something to do with this new book.

Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron serves several purposes. Not only does it immediately give D&D players a new campaign setting to explore in their Fifth Edition games, it also serves as a foundation for DM Guild members to build their own Eberron content.

Notably, D&D's official press release mentions that Wayfarer's Guide to Eberron will also give D&D a chance to collect feedback on some of the races, Dragon Marks, and backgrounds presented in the PDF, likely so they can make any necessary tweaks ahead of a bigger Eberron release in the future.

The book also contains four new playable races -- Changelings, Kalashtar, Shifters, and Warforged. Changlings are shapeshifters, Kalashtar are humans bound with otherworldly spirits, Shifters can assume bestial characteristics, and Warforged are humanoid fully sentient robots. However, the new publication doesn't include any new classes such as the artificer, a class originally introduced with Eberron's first campaign setting.

Eberron is one of two new campaign settings being introduced by Dungeons & Dragons this year. D&D also announced a hardcover campaign setting that will introduce the world of Ravnica from Magic: the Gathering into the game later this year.


The new publication is available on Dungeon Masters Guild's website for just $19.99. It's jam-packed with information on Eberron, and we look forward to digging into it in the coming days!

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