Elden Ring Is Rumored to Feature Multiplayer That Is Similar to Dark Souls

This week has brought with it quite a lot of new rumors and details on Elden Ring, the upcoming action game by FromSoftware. While we have yet to see anything official from the studio or its accompanying publisher, Bandai Namco, leaked footage for the game actually came about to kick off this week. Now, to capitalize on that leak, some new bits of info have now emerged once again and may give us an even better idea of what to expect when it releases.

Detailed over on ResetEra, a leaker by the name of Omnipotent has recently shared what they have heard about Elden Ring in the past. Specifically, Omnipotent confirmed that the game will feature PvP multiplayer, which is something that many fans have loved from FromSoftware's past work on the Dark Souls series. Considering the studio's last project, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, didn't feature multiplayer of any kind, longtime fans of the developer will likely be quite happy to see the feature return in Elden Ring.

Omnipotent then went on to share a few other details that they have heard about the title as well. One of these mentionables happened to be in relation to a character creation system that is also similar to the "Soulsborne" series. The known leaker said that it uses the same creator system and that players will choose a specific class at the start of Elden Ring. From there, they then can upgrade and build-out their character in whatever manner they may see fit.

Lastly, Omnipotent also made note of a few other features that could be present in Elden Ring. One of these is some sort of weather system. Although details on this aspect were sparse, it sounds like the game's world could come with some varying climates. Additionally, FromSoftware wanted to ensure that Elden Ring would be brighter than its past work and as such, decided to use a brighter color palette.

Again, it's worth stressing that none of these new tidbits have been confirmed by FromSoftware of Bandai Namco just yet. So per usual, take all of this with the usual grain of salt. When it comes to FromSoftware and Elden Ring, however, Omnipotent does have a solid track record, which is why we feel comfortable with sharing this information with you.

At this point in time, Elden Ring still doesn't have a launch date, but it is slated to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Based on some recent reports, we should start to hear a whole lot more of the game in an official capacity relatively soon, so stay tuned.

Do you remain excited for Elden Ring? Or do you think this hype is being blown out of proportion? Give me your thoughts either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.


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