Fall Guys Creators Tease the Game's "Biggest Announcement"

Fall Guys news is on the way, and from the looks of it, this announcement is going to be a big one. In fact, Fall Guys developer Mediatonic said this is going to be the "BIGGEST announcement in the history of Fall Guys," emphasis theirs. All of this is scheduled to go down on May 16th at 1 p.m. ET, he creators said in an announcement shared on Thursday, and the Fall Guys community is already abuzz with speculation regarding what this might entail.

The announcement was shared on social media this week with a YouTube premiere already set up ahead of the reveal happening on Monday. Whatever is to be announced will be shared there and pretty much everywhere else Fall Guys has a social presence, according to the tweet below that announced the announcement and hyped up the reveal.

So, if this is the biggest announcement in the history of Fall Guys, what's it supposed to be about? Of the possibilities, one of the most obvious ones is that this may be where we get a release date for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox versions of the game. Though it's currently available on the PC and PlayStation platforms and has been for nearly two years now, it's still not on the other two despite Mediatonic offering reassurances periodically that the game is still planned for those.

But if we already knew those releases were coming, and the game's already playable on two other platforms, it doesn't make much sense that a release date reveal would qualify as the biggest announcement yet for the game. As such, there's another idea people have been tossing around ever since this announcement was first teased back in April, and that's that the game may be going free-to-play. Fall Guys certainly looks and feels like a game that could be free-to-play, though other than teasing an announcement, Mediatonic hasn't given any indication that this is what's planned.

Of course, the announcement could very well consist of both of those reveals. A free-to-play shift coinciding with the Nintendo Switch and Xbox launches would make more sense than most ideas, so perhaps we'll see both of those announcements on May 16th. There's also supposedly a Fortnite crossover in the works which could make an appearance, too, but it'd likely just be a bonus to whatever the event focuses on.

Mediatonic's big Fall Guys reveal is scheduled to take place on May 16th.