These 5 Fall Guys Rounds Are Players' Favorites

Fall Guys players often make tier lists of the different playable rounds and voice their opinions on which ones are better than others, but thanks to an official survey conducted by the game's creators recently, we now know which of the modes are players' favorites. Mediatonic surveyed players recently on different topics pertaining to current and future rounds, the state of the current season, and expectations for future seasons. Part of that survey asked what players' favorite and least favorite rounds are, and now we know with the results revealed.

The graph below was shared by the Fall Guys Twitter account not long ago with only the percentages marked on it. One round took a strong lead ahead of the others followed by a second round that got substantially more votes than others, but it wasn't until a bit later that we learned what the favorite rounds were. Based on 27,111 responses, the survey showed that players' favorite rounds in order are Slime Climb, Hex-A-Gone, Jump Showdown, Knight Fever, and Whirligig.

One interesting takeaway from the results is how far ahead Slime Climb and Hex-A-Gone are compared to the other rounds with the vote more evenly split between the remaining ones if you take out those two. It's also worth noting that among the rounds that are players' favorites, Knight Fever is the only one of them that was added to Season 2. Slime Climb is essentially the defining Fall Guys rounds with tons of player collisions, obstacles to avoid, and pressure to move quickly, so it's not surprising to see that one take the top spot nor is it surprising to see Hex-A-Gone ranked highest among the rounds you'll see in the Finals.


Results showing the least favorite rounds and other information from the survey wasn't shared, but there was never a guaranteed that we'd get the results from the survey anyway. The purpose of the survey, according to the tweet where it was shared, was to "help shape Fall Guys moving forward." Questions like "How many new Rounds would you expect to see per Season?" are examples of that and may indeed frame what the future of Fall Guys looks like as more seasons are released.