Fall Guys Wants Players' Opinions On the Best and Worst Rounds

If you've played more than a few matches in Fall Guys, you've probably already got a pretty good idea of which rounds you'd prefer to see more of and which ones you never want to play again. That's especially true in Season 2 now that new modes have been added and players have had more time to adjust to the ones there before. For players that fit that description, Mediatonic wants you to name the best and worst rounds and answer other questions in a survey that'll help shape the future of Fall Guys.

Official Fall Guys surveys have been shared before, and this one once again comes straight from Mediatonic. It asks the core questions like what players' favorite and least favorite rounds are while also asking players to rank the types of rounds they prefer to see most often.

As Fall Guys Season 2 players will know, the second season of the game welcomed a few new rounds to the mix that fit in with the medieval theme permeating the season. Four new rounds were added which wasn't enough for some players who were expecting a total revamp in Season 2 with all new or mostly new rounds to play. The Fall Guys survey addresses that topic as well by asking players to give an idea of how many new rounds they expect to be added in each new season. It's also interesting to note how that particular question asks players to assume a season would last about two months which helps give a timeframe for how long Season 2 and future seasons may last now that Fall Guys has officially kicked off its seasonal plans.


If some of the team-based modes and others listed in the survey don't appeal to you, you could always try some of Fall Guys' new game modes added in Season 2 like the one that removes all team games from the rotation. Another one similar to that was added recently with the addition of Slime Survivors, a mode that removes all rounds from the playlist in favor of only survival rounds. That mode is live now in Season 2 and is the perfect option for players who prefer or need more practice on those rounds.