Is Fortnite Getting Avengers Skins? Epic Games Responds

Fortnite Avengers Skins

Fortnite is getting an Avengers: Infinity War crossover, but anyone hoping for skins based on the Avengers might be disappointed by Epic Games’ current plans.

With the Thanos/Fortnite crossover announced just recently, one of the first theories that players had was that the Fortnite store might soon be stocked with outfits for different members of the Avengers. It sounds like it’d be an easy way to get players to unload tons of V-Bucks on their favorite skins, especially with the recent start of the superhero-filled Season 4, but Epic Games said that there aren’t any plans to release such skins.

“RQ just because I've seen lots of folks asking, we have no plans for Avengers outfits in the store,” Epic Games’ Nathan Mooney, community manager for Fortnite, said on Reddit in response to many questions about the skins.

Now this doesn’t 100 percent rule out the idea of some of Marvel’s characters officially coming to Fortnite in the future, but it does dash any hopes of them coming alongside the new special mode that starts tomorrow. Mooney didn’t say the skins were “never” coming, so even if there are no plans at the moment, there will undoubtedly still be many players praying for an eventual release of these Avengers skins.


Though the superheroes that were teased for Fortnite’s Season 4 may make it seem like Avengers skins would be a no-brainer, it’s also not hard to imagine that the skins would severely cut into Epic Games’ other Fortnite outfits on sale. While equipping certain skins like the Reaper that turns players into a John Wick lookalike bring players closer to their favorite characters, it wouldn’t be much of a contest between the off-brand versions and the official Avengers outfits. If Epic Games does indeed have more superhero skins planned for the rest of this season, it’d be a shame to see them get overshadowed by Avengers skins, even if they’d all be bought up in an instant.

Epic Games hasn’t shared much more on the new Avengers crossover just yet aside from limited details on the Infinity Gauntlet and the news that the event starts tomorrow, but many Fortnite players who reacted with concern for their wallets can at least rest easy now knowing that their V-Bucks funds are safe, at least for the time being.