Fortnite: The Internet Reacts to 'Infinity Gauntlet' Mode Announcement


Thanos is coming to Fortnite. At first we couldn't believe it, we were sure it was a rumor or prank, but it's actually true!

In case you missed the news, you can get caught up right here. This gist is this: Starting tomorrow, a limited time "Infinity Gauntlet" game mode will be coming to Fortnite. During this Battle Royale match, the Infinity Gauntlet will spawn somewhere on the map, and whoever finds it and takes hold of it will become Thanos himself. It sounds so bizarre, but we can't wait to dive into the island and hunt for that gauntlet.

We were all shocked by the announcement. Across the board, Fortnite fans and Marvel fans were floored by the reveal, and reactions were predictably hyperbolic.

Mostly players are just excited to try the new mode, and I think everyone is wishing that they had their own Time Stone so we could make this work day go faster. Other players are already thinking ahead to what this could mean for the future of Fortnite:

Our minds went there too; right away, in fact. We'd love for this Marvel cross-over to extend well beyond the limited time game mode. Season 4 is focused on a superhero theme, and we've already shown you how many of the new Fortnite skins are inspired by DC and Marvel heroes, so why not go all the way? Why not introduce superheroes to the game?!


Of course, not everyone is going to be happy to hear the news. We can think of a few people -- or an entire company -- that is loathe to learn to about Marvel and EPIC's new relationship:

So what do you guys think? Is this the cross-over event you've been waiting for, or does this strike you as a cheap cash grab? Let us know what you think in the comments below!