Fortnite Just Killed Off a Major Character in Batman Tie-In Comic

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #4 is out as of this week to continue the crossover between Batman and Epic Games' battle royale game, and this latest issue took a much darker turn than the ones before it. This fourth issue featured a death of one of Fortnite's goofier fan-favorites, and because of the situation the Zero Point crew found themselves in when it happened, the character wasn't under the rules of Fortnite's battle royale experience which means there are no repeats and no respawns.

Spoiler Warning: The following discussion contains heavy spoilers for Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #4.

At the start of the fourth issue, Batman has emerged from Fortnite's "loop" only to be confronted by Deathstroke who's captured Catwoman. After a brief tussle and some revelations, Batman realizes other Fortnite characters like Magnus and Voyager had escaped from the loop previously. With Batman naturally taking over as the leader despite being the newest to be thrust into the situation, the team sets out to crack the secrets of the island and find a way to their respective homes.

Among those Fortnite characters is Fishstick, the fish-headed, bipedal character added in Season 7 (the first Season 7 from Chapter 1, not the next season coming in Chapter 2). Fishstick gets split off from the group at Batman's request to hunt for traps after the team opens the Fortnite island's mysterious hatches. Splitting off is rarely a promising idea for any solo character with Fishstick's fate reinforcing that idea.

While Batman and Catwoman planned their next move, they heard a commotion and backtracked to a previous location to find a pile of rubble. Fishstick rested at the bottom of the debris with damage done to him that's probably the most graphic display of Fortnite-related violence we've seen yet. You can see the state of Fishstick in the image below, and while it's not even that gory, it's a bit disturbing to see a Fortnite character in that condition.

Batman tells Fishstick he's got medical supplies, but the talking fish apparently has resigned himself to his fate and says there's no time. With his last few breaths, he's able to give Batman a device he found which Batman investigates while Fishstick just lays there during a time when he probably could've received first aid after all. Fishstick's last words were to warn Batman that there was a double agent within the crew and that someone couldn't be trusted. His final panel showed the fish with his head back before readers got hit with a "to be continued."

While Batman and others respawned numerous times in Fortnite's loop, being outside of the loop now means that no such protections apply. Does this mean that Fishstick is dead for good? Is there a way to bring him back or to use Fortnite's time-resetting formula to bring the fish back? Most likely so, but for now, everything that's happened in the Zero Point comics tells us that Fishstick is currently dead unless the next issue pulls the "he's just unconscious" switcharoo.


Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #4 is available now with the next issue and the fate of Fishstick to be available on June 15th.