Fortnite Reveals New Chapter 3 Finale Details and Freebie

Last week, Epic Games revealed that Fortnite's Chapter 3 finale event will take place on December 3rd, but the publisher offered little in the way of additional details. Today, the company pulled back the curtain a little bit more, revealing specific information on what to expect. The Fracture event will kick-off at 4 p.m. ET, and the playlist will open 30 minutes ahead of time. Players will be able to join the event in-progress only until 4:40, and players are being advised that replays of the Fracture event won't be made available.

The Fracture event will support parties of up to four players. Individual players that won't have a squad to work with that day will be able to Emote to form squads with other individuals during the Chapter 3 finale. In celebration of Fracture, Epic Games has announced that all players will receive a free Toasty Roast Emote for logging into Fortnite during a specific timeframe. Players that won't be able to attend the event will still be able to receive it, as the Emote will be given to anyone that logs into the game between December 2nd at 9 AM ET and December 4th at 2:45 AM ET.

Unsurprisingly, Epic Games has yet to reveal any details about its plans for the next chapter of Fortnite! The company is keeping a tight lid on the game's next chapter, but we do know it will feature a new map. New chapters tend to be a pretty big deal, so fans should expect a lot of new content following the release of Fracture. There's a lot of things fans would like to see from the next chapter, including new collaborations, new mechanics, and the return of skins that haven't been made available in a while. With Fracture's release just over a week away, fans won't have to wait too much longer to see what's in store next!

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