Fortnite: Close Encounters LTM Combines Jetpacks and Shotguns

It's that time again, Fortnite players! A new update has just dropped for the wildly popular [...]

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It's that time again, Fortnite players! A new update has just dropped for the wildly popular online game and both the Battle Royale and Save the World modes have a lot of new experiences to offer. One of the most exciting, however, is the new Limited Time Modes and there's not just one but two to enjoy. One of the most challenging ones as of yet just went live called Close Encounters and it brings jetpacks, skill, and those beloved shotguns at the game's center.

As described by Epic Games:

Limited Time Mode: Close Encounters

  • Close quarters combat with Shotguns & Jetpacks!
  • The only guns in this mode are the various types of Shotguns.
    • Jetpacks & Heavy Shotguns can be found in Chests & Supply Drops.
    • Other Shotgun types are spawned as Floor Loot.
  • The storm moves in more quickly than normal mid to late game.
  • Typical match length is about 15 minutes.
  • Stats are enabled for this mode.

The Close Encounters LTM will be coming later this week, but a specific date has yet to be revealed.

The inclusion of jetpacks is new and will not only offer players a new way to play, but one that will definitely require a little mastering. Between the more efficient circle of death (or, you know-the actual name of 'the storm'), the limited supplies, and the close quarters combat - this new mode definitely provides that much desired means for players to prove they're the best.

The other mode offered is called Solid Gold v2, which isn't the first time this mode has dropped. The new version adds the highly requested changes that players have asked for and makes those that are constantly on the hunt for those sweet, sweet legendaries have a huge reason to play.

As per Epic Games:

Limited Time Mode: Solid Gold v2

  • All weapon drops are legendary!
    • Floor Drops: High chance of Hand Cannon & Suppressed Pistols. Low chance of Assault Rifle & Sniper Rifle.
    • Chests: High chance of Assault Rifle, Minigun & Sniper Rifle. Low chance of Heavy Shotgun & Rocket/Grenade Launchers. No Pistols.
    • Supply Drops: High chance of Rocket/Grenade Launchers, Medium chance of Sniper Rifles. Low chance of Heavy Shotgun & Assault Rifles. No Pistols.
  • 50% extra stone and metal resources gained from farming.
  • Stone Floor Drops increased to 60 per pickup.
  • Metal Floor Drops increased to 90 per pickup.
  • Increased drop rates of: Chug Jugs, Slurp Juice, Shields, all Special Grenades, Launch Pads and Campfires.
  • Decreased drop rates of: Grenades, Spike Traps and Bandages.

The latest update for Fortnite is now live on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and iOS.