Fortnite: How To Get Unlimited XP

Fortnite players have already discovered what might go down as the most useful bug of Chapter 2 [...]

Fortnite players have already discovered what might go down as the most useful bug of Chapter 2 even though Season 1 just began this week. It's a bug that essentially grants players unlimited experience so long as they keep returning to certain spots around the map, and players have been quick to take advantage of the exploit to rank themselves up. Players can get 8,000 experience for free during a match on top of whatever else they earn, though it's likely that the exploit won't stick around for much longer.

The exploit involves visiting different locations around Fortnite's new map which is something that players were probably already doing to familiarize themselves with the new battleground. Throughout the map, there are at least four different locations players can head to in order to receive 2,000 experience each time. You can find each of those locations marked on the map below.

Visiting locations to earn experience is nothing new in Fortnite, but the useful part of this exploit stems from the fact that these locations are apparently being reset each match as if players have never been to them. This means that if you can make the rounds to all four locations in a match to earn the extra experience, you can do the same thing again during the next game assuming the storm's path and your rotations allow you to do so. By repeating this process every game, you can essentially earn unlimited experience by earning a cool 8,000 experience at a minimum.

This bug is hardly a secret now and has made the rounds within the Fortnite communities by now, so Epic Games is undoubtedly aware of the problem. How long it'll remain in the game is still a question though, but one would imagine that it won't be around for much longer since an update will likely come soon to fix the problem. Part of the commitments for Chapter 2 was to make the game less grindy for players, though this probably wasn't the plan Epic Games had in mind.

Players have also found multiple death zones in Fortnite which is essentially the exact opposite of the beneficial experience glitch. These locations, tricks, and more have been discovered by players alone since Epic Games encouraged players to explore the map on their own to find new features and locations.