Fortnite Leak Reveals Final Version of Season 3 Map

The start of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 brought with it a massive change, as significant portions of the game's map are now covered in water. While it seems likely that this will remain the case for the next few weeks, a new leak suggests that the map will revert mostly back to normal by the end of Season 3. The information comes from leaker VollMitBotox on Twitter, with an image of the map's alleged final stage. This meshes with previous reports that the water would eventually recede, so it's not entirely surprising that the end of Season 3 might bring things back to what passes for normal in Fortnite.

The map was flooded as a result of the machinations of the character Midas. At the end of Chapter 2 Season 2, Midas' Doomsday Device destroyed The Agency, surrounding the map with a giant wall of water. Following the event, parts of the map were flooded, drawing some comparisons to the movie Waterworld. Epic Games has embraced the new nautical theme, adding a number of water-themed skins, items, and more.

As with all leaks, fans should keep in mind that this is not an official source, and plans can change over time. Yesterday, Epic Games announced Fortnite's Summer Splash event, which will last through the end of the season. The event seems to pair nicely with the current water theme, so it seems likely that fans can expect to see the flooding stick around for quite a bit longer.

Regardless of where things go next, it should prove interesting for Fortnite fans! Last Season's Doomsday Device Event caused a lot of excitement among players, and it seems all too likely that Season 3's eventual end should prove every bit as entertaining. Of course, with Season 3 having just started last month, fans will have a bit of a wait to see what comes next.


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