Ninja Wants His Own 'Fortnite' Skin

Fortnite Ninja
(Photo: Ninja)

Fortnite helped make Tyler "Ninja" Blevins the streaming giant he is today, and perhaps the content creator also aided in Fortnite's own meteoric rise.

The face of Fortnite and Twitch possesses a massive following, one that regularly watches him play and dominate in a ton of the battle-royale shooter. And while Blevins normally has nothing but praise for the game and the studio behind it -- Epic Games -- in a recent stream, he expressed a little bit of frustration about the team not promoting him as much as some other creators, as well as the long-requested Ninja skin being M.I.A.

Fortnite tweeted out ‘Looking for a fun, laid-back Fortnite stream? We've got you covered! Drop in to @ Not Ninja’s stream because we don’t want a Ninja skin in the game’,” said Blevins playfully during a stream.

He continued, noting that the developer didn't actually tweet this, and that he wasn't angry, but disappointed that Epic Games perhaps hasn't shown him very much love while he essentially gives them endless marketing.

“I’ve only been streaming their game since pretty much it came out, advertising to about a billion people, you know? Yeah, I don’t deserve anything,” said Blevins having a laugh.

You can watch the clip for yourself, below:

As Ninja points out, he has attracted over 500 million Twitch channel views since he started streaming Fortnite, and across Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter has amassed more than 30 million followers. In other words, perhaps he has earned a skin in the game, though he likely won't ever get one. To date, Epic Games has yet to add any content creator skins, so perhaps it would be a little strange if they started now or made just a single exception.

Whether a Ninja skin will ever be added to the game, who knows. Given Blevin's mass following, it would probably be one of the game's more popular outfits if added though. But even if it isn't, the symbiotic relationship between Fortnite and Blevins will likely continue for a long time.


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