Fortnite Season 5 Gets the Honest Game Trailer Treatment

Considering that it’s becoming a worldwide phenomenon with 3.4 million players and over $1 [...]

Considering that it's becoming a worldwide phenomenon with 3.4 million players and over $1 billion generated, it would only be a matter of time before Smosh Games revisited Fortnite with a new Honest Game Trailer. And right on schedule, here it is.

For the latest episode of the ongoing YouTube series, the team tackles all the changes the game has seen over the years, as well as the big sensation that's keeping players going -- finding the right dance for their characters.

The Honest Game Trailer, which you can see above, begins with the narrator discussing how they're giving Fortnite the treatment yet again, this time for the fifth season. "Gape in awe at the meteoric rise of Fortnite, a game that went from a mildly interesting Horde mode to the most popular game in a brand new genre that took online shooters by storm -- literally." It's "carved its name into gaming history and" turned "the brutality of the Battle Royale genre into a fun, cartoonish romp that's just cute enough not to scare your parents." He also jokingly notes the lessons you learn from the game, including learning teamwork and uses of the "N" word.

He then digs into the lore of the series, starting with the series' "humble beginnings" where you took people's stuff and watching it grow over the years with map expansion, weapon pools, stages and challenges, new mechanics ("and, uh, shopping cart -- none of which work as well as just shotgunning everyone in the face!") and "the first actual vehicle." (The golf cart, by the way.)

He did note that "Epic" is "slowly" turning "Fortnite into the gaming experience that everybody actually wants -- a popular dance move simulator." We then learn about the fandom of the game, to the point it's "getting banned from schools" and "adults actually know what it is." Gaming disorders are also jokingly noted. Oh, and Tyler "Ninja" Blevins gets a shoutout too, especially with his gaming session with Drake. (And let's not forget Thanos from Marvel's Infinity War.)

Oh, and the joke that it's still in "Early Access." But when you have so many players, "mayyybe you're not in Early Access anymore." He then jokes that it's going to be unstoppable until the next fad rolls around, like "Cardi B playing Paladins while skydiving or something." And of course, of course there's a dancing DJ Khaled joke. "Welp, your days are numbered, Fortnite."

You can watch the whole thing above, but, yep, that's Fortnite. It's available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS devices and PC.