Fortnite Adds OP Exotic Weapon, Here's How to Get It

Fortnite’s latest update that’s gone live across all platforms now has added two different Exotic weapons, one of which is pretty powerful. That weapon is called the “Burst Quad Launcher,” and as its name suggests, it’s able to propel not just one rocket but bursts of rockets towards your enemies. Its Exotic rarity means that it won’t be something you come across every game, but if you get the chance to wield one, it’s worth going after.

The new Fortnite Exotic was teased prior to the release of the update and resembled the Quad Launcher which was available in Fortnite previously before being Vaulted many updates prior to this one. The new variant on the explosive weapon features a different look as well as the notable gameplay change mentioned above. Instead of just shooting one rocket, it fires two of them in quick succession. Gameplay from Twitter user jovanmunja shown below gives a preview of the new Exotic weapon in action if you haven’t been able to come across one yourself since the update went live.

The rockets fired by the Burst Quad Launcher do 42 damage to players, so it packs quite the punch if you’re able to land your shots appropriately. Its damage is offset by a long reload time though, and as is the case with any launcher, it’s not quite as accurate as something like a rifle or a more conventional weapon. Fortunately for players who are familiar with these sorts of explosive weapons in Fortnite, its splash damage means that you don’t have to be right on target every time, especially if you’re using it against enemy structures.

If you want to add the Burst Quad Launcher to your arsenal, you’ll need some Gold Bars. You’ll need 600 Gold Bars to be exact, and once you have those, you’ll have to find the Fishstick NPC to make the deal happen. Trade the character your hard-earned currency and you’ll be rewarded with the Burst Quad Launcher.

Fortnite’s most recent update is now available across all platforms.