Fortnite Pleasant Park Week Four Ring Challenge Is Broken

The beginning of Season 3 Week 4 is now live on Fortnite, which means a new set of challenges is now available for players; unfortunately, one of those challenges is not exactly working like Epic Games intended. One particular challenge pushes players to collect a series of floating rings at the Pleasant Park location of the map. Unfortunately, a bug prevents players from picking up the rings though they are able to acquire them by jumping through the literal hoops. Players have taken to social media to spread the word about the bug, and now Epic Games has responded.

Tweets like the one below showed players trying to complete the Fortnite challenge unsuccessfully as the rings couldn't be picked up. It's not atypical for a challenge or two to have something wrong with it every now and then, and the fixes usually don't take long to come through, so we'll hopefully see the problem resolved sooner rather than later.

Many other tweets like the video above preceded the confirmation from Epic Games that the challenge wasn't working as intended. It's unknown at this time when it'll be resolved, so don't worry about collecting rings until we hear something new.

Until that one gets fixed, players at least have a bunch of other challenges from Week 4 to complete. You can see all those below that task players with doing the typical gauntlet of Fortnite activities like searching chests and eliminating opponents. There's also another Aquaman challenge that's live right now for players to complete as well.

Completing all those challenges will reward players with a bunch of experience as they typically do, and completing the Aquaman task will net players a unique cosmetic from that latest Fortnite crossover.


Epic Games said in its previous tweet from the Fortnite Status account that it's looking into the problem, so expect more information from the developers as it becomes available.