When Are Cars Coming To Fortnite Reportedly Revealed

Fans have known for quite some time now that cars would be the latest vehicle added to Fortnite, [...]

Fans have known for quite some time now that cars would be the latest vehicle added to Fortnite, but Epic Games has yet to make an official announcement regarding a release window. According to a new leak from Twitter user @HappyPower, however, cars will arrive in Fortnite on July 21st. Plenty of additional facts about the cars have supposedly been revealed, as well. As with all leaks, fans should take these with a grain of salt, particularly since Fortnite has seen a number of delayed events and releases over just the last few months. Still, this does mean that the vehicles are coming to the game sooner, rather than later!

Apparently, cars will have a spawn rate with a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 10 cars per lobby. When the vehicle debuts in the game, cars will be accompanied by a Chrome Race limited time event. During the event, players will have to race to the finish line using any means necessary. In the LTM files, four vehicles are mentioned: a Rally Car, a Police Car, a Sports Car, and a Taxi Cab. There will also be a pick-up truck, a semi, and a sedan. Different cars will have different tank capacities and different health points.

According to @HappyPower, this information comes from a source from Epic Games that seems to be leaking all kinds of information about the game to the community. @HappyPower has covered a number of these leaks in their videos on YouTube over the last few days, including the upcoming Black Manta event.

Should these new leaks prove to be true, Fortnite fans will have a lot to keep busy with over the next few weeks! Last week, Epic Games revealed the game's Summer Splash event, featuring a number of new and returning modes. The end of June also saw the start of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3. All in all, it seems like an exciting time for fans of the game!

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