'Fortnite' Won't Vault Driftboards After Adding New Hamster Ball Vehicle

Fortnite players who’ve enjoyed shredding around the map on the relatively new Driftboard [...]

Fortnite players who've enjoyed shredding around the map on the relatively new Driftboard vehicle can rest assured that it's not going anywhere when the hamster ball vehicle called "The Baller" is added.

The Baller was officially revealed recently when the game's message system was updated to give a first look at the Jurassic Park-style vehicle that has room for one person while it rolls around the map. It also appears to have a Grappler stuck to the front and sounds like it'll be able to plow through buildings based on its description, all of which make it seem like a pretty interesting concept so far.

But even though Fortnite players are looking forward to it for now, that doesn't meant they want to give up the Driftboard that was added before the current season began. Epic Games promised players that the vehicle wouldn't be removed when Season 8 began, though that didn't guarantee its permanence. Whether it'll be vaulted at some point remains to be seen, but Epic Games' Fortnite' design lead Eric Williamson confirmed on Reddit that the Driftboard at least isn't going anywhere when the hamster ball is released.


from discussion Hamster Ball Coming Soon (News Feed).

The comment above came in reply to a user who said they wanted to make something very clear before saying in all-caps "DO NOT VAULT THE DRIFTBOARD." The player clarified with an edit that said they were excited for the new vehicle but didn't want to see the Driftboard removed.

Having the Driftboard taken out was indeed a valid concern for players who've been using it throughout the past few weeks. When certain items are added, similar tools that are already in the game often come to mind as potential features that might be vaulted to make way for superior versions. The Baller seemed to fit the bill for a one-person vehicle that could potentially replace the Driftboard, though that doesn't appear to be the case.

An exact release date for Fortnite's new hamster ball vehicle hasn't been revealed, but it's expected that it'll release alongside the game's next update.


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