This Gaming Bed Might Make it Hard to Leave the House

The popularity of gaming furniture has grown exponentially over the last few years. Gaming chairs have existed for quite some time, but streaming culture has popularized them in a big way, and users tend to swear by them. Bauhutte's gaming bed, however, takes things to a whole new level. The Japanese company offers several pieces of gaming furniture, which can then be combined to form a mighty gestalt of video game set-ups. The whole thing looks a bit ridiculous, but undeniably fun, at the same time. Gamers that want the bed will have to pay a pretty penny to get all the pieces, but the final product will undoubtedly result in some very jealous friends.

Bauhutte's set-up includes several of the company's products, including their bed desk, bedside table, bed sideboard, and more. Of course, gamers don't necessarily have to purchase all of the parts shown in Bauhutte's images. In fact, the ability to customize the set-up is probably one of the company's biggest selling points. The company has a lot of nice looking pieces that could be used to make something a little more affordable, and a bit less busy.

Gaming Bed
(Photo: Bauhutte)

It's hard to imagine any one gamer purchasing all of these items. The cost alone will turn-off even the most passionate of players, while the novelty will probably wear off quickly. It might be entertaining to watch a streamer like Dr Disrespect showcase the setup, but most gamers aren't going to want it in their house. Capping things off, the whole thing just seems wildly impractical, for several obvious reasons. For one, the only bed offered is a double, which is quite unfair to couples that enjoy gaming together. Perhaps Bauhutte can add a King or Queen-size option, in the future.

That said, it will be interesting to see if Bauhutte finds success with their product line. With gaming chairs growing in popularity, it stands to reason that other gaming furniture could also become the next big thing. It probably won't be gaming beds, but demand for gaming bedside tables could suddenly explode, as gamers look for better ways to organize their various games, peripherals and other add-ons. Stranger things have happened!


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