Genshin Impact Finally Gets Two-Factor Authentication

Genshin Impact players’ accounts just got more secure this week with the release of two-factor authentication support, a feature players have been requesting for a while now. That means that whether or not you’ve been putting money into the free-to-play game, you can now better secure your accounts to make sure that you don’t lose them in the future. Instructions for activating the feature have been laid out with the enabling process requiring only a quick trip to the game’s account management settings.

miHoYo, the developer of Genshin Impact, made the announcement about the new security feature this week. A post on the developer’s site shared more information about how the whole thing works, but it’s easy to use regardless and only requires some trusted devices to finish the setup.

“To further improve your account security, we are adjusting our current security verification functions,” said miHoYo. “After 5/17 18:00 (UTC+8), a new security verification function will take effect when you log in. Once this function is active, a verification code will be sent to your linked email address or mobile number when you log in to a new device to ensure that it is you using that device. In that event, please ensure that all the information is correct.”

The two-factor authentication only requires new devices to be verified using the system and doesn’t appear to have a timer which will require reverification after a certain amount of time, so it looks like you’ll only need to register your devices once after you enable the feature.


After you’ve turned on two-factor authentication, you’ll be able to mess with your settings by visiting the new settings aadded for the feature. You’ll find throse through the “miHoYo Account > Account Management > Login Devices” path where you can make adjustments as needed.

While security features like this one are always welcome additions to Genshin Impact, it’s the new game content added this week that’s got the attention of players, as expected. The developer has been showing off a new character named “Eula” recently with trailers shared this week to highlight the character’s traits.