New GoldenEye Video Game Trademark Sparks Remake Rumors

Danjaq, LLC has apparently renewed the trademark for GoldenEye with the intention of use for [...]

Danjaq, LLC has apparently renewed the trademark for GoldenEye with the intention of use for "electronic game software." For those unfamiliar, Danjaq is the holding company for the James Bond license, making this all the more interesting. The trademark was discovered and shared on Twitter by co-founder Nick "Shpeshal Ed" Baker. It was apparently filed last August and approved on March 16th. At this time, it's unclear what Danjaq is planning to do with the trademark, but the prospect of a new GoldenEye game or even just a port is certainly exciting for fans of the Nintendo 64 original!

The Tweet from Baker can be found embedded below.

GoldenEye is one of the biggest and most beloved games of the Nintendo 64 era, but it has never been ported to any other system. A loose remake of the game was released on the Nintendo Wii in 2010, but the game did not receive the same level of acclaim. Earlier this year, a cancelled remaster of the original game was discovered that was supposed to have released on Xbox 360. That project apparently fell through due to various rights issues.

Those rights have been a difficult problem. The original game was developed by Rare and published by Nintendo. Rare is now owned by Microsoft. It's possible that Danjaq could pursue a completely new game based on the film. However, a remake/remaster would likely have to go through Nintendo and Microsoft.

It's unclear what Danjaq plans on doing with the trademark, but the cancelled remaster of GoldenEye was originally meant to release in 2007. Since then, Nintendo and Microsoft have developed a much closer relationship. In a follow-up Tweet, Baker indicated that the GoldenEye trademark is not related to a rumored announcement coming from Microsoft and Nintendo. However, with the two companies playing nice lately, it seems that there might be a chance GoldenEye could finally return in some form. However, that's all just speculation, and it's possible that nothing could come from this trademark filing. For now, fans will just have to wait and see what happens!

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