Goldeneye 007 Remaster Leaks Years After Being Canceled

There’s no doubt about it that Goldeneye 007 is one of the most legendary first-person shooters [...]

There's no doubt about it that Goldeneye 007 is one of the most legendary first-person shooters of all-time. Perhaps more than any other game in history, it brought about the rise of split screen multiplayer on consoles before any other shooter. The only downside is that nowadays, the game in its original form is pretty inaccessible. Sadly, we have now learned that there were plans to change this well over a decade ago, but it never came to fruition.

A new video has emerged showing off a canceled remaster of Goldeneye 007 that was at one point in development. The port was slated to release on Xbox Live Arcade back in 2007 but it never arrived due to issues associated with the game's licensing rights. While Rare was the studio that originally released Goldeneye 007, the game also had ties to Nintendo and EON, the owners of the James Bond IP.

Despite never seeing the light of day publicly, the remaster has now leaked in full via this new video that can be seen above. The video is two hours in full and shows off every level from the Goldeneye 007 campaign. There are even a few multiplayer matches highlighted near the end, too. It's worth noting though that this newly-leaked gameplay footage has been boosted to run at 4K and 60 frames per second. Had the original game released on Xbox 360 in this manner over a decade ago, it would not have looked this good.

It remains to be seen if we'll ever get a formal Goldeneye 007 remaster, but that hasn't stopped fan communities from attempting the feat over the years. In fact, just last year a remake project for Goldeneye was "kindly asked" to be shut down by MGM. The group attempting to recreate the game ended up agreeing with the request.

Regardless of if we ever see the original Goldeneye 007 make a return, it's at the very least cool to see what it would look like in all of its modern glory. In the meantime, I'll keep my fingers crossed that the iconic shooter can one day finds its way onto modern hardware.

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