Grounded Already Has More Than 1 Million Players

If you haven’t checked out Obsidian Entertainment’s new Grounded game yet, it might be time to do so seeing how it’s already become pretty popular on the Xbox One and PC platforms. In just two days since the game’s launch earlier in the week, it’s already amassed over 1 million players who wanted to see what it was like to get shrunken down and deal with a bunch of bugs and other tiny problems. A message from the developer shared for the occasion celebrated the milestone and promised that players can look forward to their first big update for Grounded to come later in August.

Obsidian and game director Adam Brennecke announced the milestone of 1 million players this week on social media alongside a message of thanks and a preview of what’s to come. Brennecke said we can expect the game’s first of its monthly updates to drop on August 27th with more to come afterwards.

“Secondly, I just want to announce that we are going to have monthly updates to the game,” Brennecke said. “The first monthly update is scheduled for August 27th, so stay tuned for more information about that update.”

Aside from sporting its unique approach to a backyard survival game by pitting players against what would normally be trivial problems now amplified by being tiny, Grounded’s got a few things going for it to help it reach those 1 million players. A game released as part of the Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access systems instead of a full release, Grounded is half the price you’d typically expect to pay for a new game and will only run you $29.99. It’s also available through Xbox Game Pass since it’s made by Obsidian, a developer withing the Xbox Game Studios family, so if you’ve got Xbox Game Pass, you can download the game whenever you want.


But regardless of if it’s cheap or included in your subscriptions, 1 million players is still a lot of people showing interest in a game withing the first two days of it being available. It also helps that, along with being included in Xbox Game Pass, it’s available on Steam for those who prefer that platform.

Grounded is now available as an Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access game if you want to check it out like the million other player have already.