Grounded Release Date Revealed by Xbox and Obsidian

This summer, Xbox fans will get an opportunity to explore a big new world. Well, kind of. Seemingly taking some inspiration from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, the upcoming survival adventure game Grounded tasks players with navigating a big backyard, as they try to get themselves turned back to their normal, human size. Unfortunately, the yard is full of insect threats such as spiders and ant colonies, and they clearly have dinner in mind. Grounded is developed by Obsidian Entertainment, the team behind the critically-acclaimed game The Outer Worlds. The game allows for co-op gameplay, and it truly looks like a unique new experience. Gamers won't have to wait long to see for themselves, as Grounded is coming to Xbox Game Preview on July 28th!

Announced last November, Grounded features story-based missions for one-to-four players. In order to survive the backyard, players must craft weapons and armor, build bases, and devise different ways to survive. In order to do just that, players will find a myriad of different everyday items which can be used for the purpose of survival. Acorn shells can be transformed into armor, the dew off grass can be used for drinking water, pollen can be used to float down from high inclines, and more. According to Obsidian, the goal is to create an experience that players can make unique to them.

While the entire concept would be interesting enough on its own, there's also a mystery hiding beneath the surface. The game's trailer teases alien structures that will be found around the yard, and a presence that's consistently watching the game's heroes.

All in all, Grounded looks to be quite promising! There are very few games that grant players the ability to explore miniaturized locales, and the insect opponents look much more frightening at the player character's scale. With so many major games seeing delays this year, it's certainly nice to see a game like Grounded getting a confirmed release date. At the very least, it will give Xbox One and Windows gamers something fun and unique to experience when it lands this summer.


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