Hideo Kojima Gives Approval To Jordan Vogt-Roberts For Metal Gear Solid Film

Metal Gear

Even though Hideo Kojima has left Konami and his Metal Gear game franchise, it's still something he's quite familiar with. That would explain why Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the director who brought the monster hit Kong: Skull Island to life last year, has been chatting with him about his forthcoming film adaptation of the best-selling PlayStation release Metal Gear Solid.

And it appears that Vogt-Roberts' work has paid off. The two have been chummy over the past few months and now it appears that Kojima has finally given the director his highest approval when it comes to making the film.

Vogt-Roberts took to Twitter and explained that Kojima wrote the liner notes for the Japanese release of his 2013 film The Kings of Summer, which he worked on before Skull Island. But it's what Kojima wrote in those notes that's pretty amazing: "I'm convinced that no one but him can direct "METAL GEAR SOLID".

Obviously, Vogt-Roberts was excited by the news -- and even posted a few Metal Gear exclamation points for good measure. You can see the tweet below.

The director has been persistent when it came to working on a Metal Gear film adaptation. We previously noted that he managed to get the project even after he was initially turned away; and has also noted he's a fan of the series, talking about what makes a video game-to-film adaptation great while also noting that more Metal Gear game remakes from Konami should be made. (Snake Eater, please?)


It's still going to be a while before we see Solid Snake (or perhaps Big Boss) on the big screen but it's great to hear that Vogt-Roberts has the full support of Kojima. Now let's see who he's got in mind for the lead…

Metal Gear Solid doesn't have a release date but we will hopefully know more soon. Meanwhile, Kojima is hard at work on Death Stranding which is set to arrive for PlayStation 4 in the future.