Horizon Forbidden West Developer Teases New Gameplay Details

Horizon Forbidden West is likely one of the most-anticipated releases of 2021 for many. The sequel to the beloved PlayStation 4 game Horizon Zero Dawn was revealed last year alongside the PlayStation 5 but since that time, we haven’t seen or heard a peep about the game from the team at Guerrilla Games. Fortunately, some new descriptions of Forbidden West have now emerged, giving us a better idea of what to expect later in the year.

Shared by GamesRadar, the developer behind Horizon Forbidden West has revealed some brief new details of what the sequel is set to feature. Perhaps the most notable of these new bits of information comes in the way how gameplay might be mixed up from HZD. Even though it sounds like it will be reminiscent of what came before, the studio is looking to expand on new aspects that haven’t been seen before and has teased what's in store just a bit.

“Part of what made the machine combat in Horizon Zero Dawn so satisfying was the puzzle-solving element in each encounter. What is this machine's attack pattern? What are its weaknesses? Which strategies are most successful? There was the harsh reality of stumbling upon machines that you weren't quite ready to take on,” Guerrilla explained. “Our reveal trailer showed players they can look forward to things they've never seen before, but we'd like to leave it at that for now and preserve as much of that satisfaction for players to discover for themselves.”

Guerrilla continued on by saying that it believes the “gameplay and storytelling possibilities” in the world are vast and that the studio “can’t wait to explore them further in Horizon Forbidden West.” All in all, Guerrilla is definitely saying the right things to build up anticipation for this one. The game's reveal trailer on its own already looked quite impressive, but if the story and gameplay end up being just as good as the visuals, then the studio might have another winner on its hands.


Even though Guerrilla is hyping up Horizon Forbidden West quite a bit, we still have yet to see the game in action for ourselves. With it slated to release later this year on PS5 and PS54, though, that should hopefully start to change in the coming months. Until then, you can keep up with all of our ensuing coverage on the game right here.

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