Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel Officially Revealed for PS5

Today, during the PlayStation 5 event, Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Guerrilla [...]

Today, during the PlayStation 5 event, Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Guerrilla Games revealed Horizon: Forbidden West, the sequel to 2017's Horizon Zero Dawn, is coming to PS5. And to accompany the reveal, the pair have also revealed the first-ever trailer of the game giving PlayStation fans their first-ever look at the sequel.

The trailer showcases the latest adventures of Aloy, which look radically different from the snow-covered world we saw in the first game. The trailer showcases more a beach-related landscape and wildlife, as well as quite a lot of greenery. It also showed the return of Lance Reddick's Sylens, who appeared in the first game.

As you would expect, Aloy is back and so is the Decima Engine, Guerrilla Games' in-house engine most recently put to use by Death Stranding. Despite being a few years old, Horizon Zero Dawn remains one of the best looking games on PS4, which is partially thanks to the aforementioned engine. And thus it should come as no surprise the game looks stunning on PS5.

The announcement may come as a surprise to some, but going into today's PS5 event, many PlayStation fans had "Horizon Zero Dawn 2" on their bingo card. Not only has the game been subject to many rumors, reports, and leaks over the past few months, but ever since Guerrilla Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed that the aforementioned predecessor was a massive commercial success on PS4, it was obvious the then-new IP was going to return with a sequel on the PS5. And here we are.

In addition to the improvements made to the engine, the PS5's SSD is also going to be a huge difference-maker for the sequel, given that it's a large open-world game. Not only will the game's world load multiple times faster, which will lead to less pop-in, but the freedom the SSD gives Guerrilla Games in terms of data replication will allow it to push its post-apocalyptic world in ways not possible on PS4.

Horizon: Forbidden West will be available on the PS5 and the PS5 only when it launches. For more news, rumors, leaks, and all other types of coverage on the upcoming console, be sure to peep all of our past and recent articles pertaining to the next-gen system by clicking right here.

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