The Last Guardian VR Experience Announced

last guardian vr

The world of Virtual Reality (VR) continues to grow, and at this year's PlayStation Experience in California - a new experience has been revealed. The Last Guardian VR has been confirmed exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and will be a stand-alone downloadable demo available free right now for all PlayStation VR owners. For those that enjoy the demo, the full version will be available just a few short days later!

"In a strange and mystical land, a young boy discovers a mysterious creature with which he forms a deep, unbreakable bond. The unlikely pair must rely on each other to escape towering, treacherous ruins filled with unknown dangers. Experience the journey of a lifetime in this touching, emotional story of friendship and trust."

The third game from the Team Ico studio first made its debut a over a year ago and was instantly hailed for its enjoyable play experience. Who doesn't want to enjoy a fantasy world where your best friend is a huge cuddle-y dog-like being! Seeing the familiar companion up close in the VR format is an interesting treat, especially with the holiday season officially kicked off!

The look inside of the upcoming VR experience was short, and really didn't go into detail as to how the game mechanics will work - but again, giant dog. It's all good.

The Last Guardian VR will be available exclusively for PlayStation 4 VR on December 12th!