League of Legends Developer Teases Shyvana Rework

League of Legends developer Riot Games has teased that a new rework for the champion Shyvana will likely be coming at some point in the future. To kick off 2022, Riot allowed fans to vote on which champion they would like to see received a VGU (visual and gameplay update) in the future. While Shyvana was one of the champs that could be voted on in this poll, she ended up losing out to Skarner, who will now be next in line to get updated. Despite this loss in the fan poll, though, Riot has made clear that it might opt to still rework Shyvana at some point due to ongoing fan requests.

Detailed in a new blog on the League of Legends website, the studio's Lead Producer of Champions, Ryan Mireles, made clear that the team is likely going to rework Shyvana at some point down the road. At this point in time, Shyvana has appeared in many of these fan polls, yet she always ends up coming in second place rather than finishing at the top. Because of this, Mireles has indicated that Riot still wants to do good by the game's community and give Shyvana a proper rework down the line. 

While Mireles didn't commit to a Shyvana rework happening with certainty, he did indicate that it's a very high possibility to happen. "We know a lot of you are disappointed that our favorite half-dragon lady keeps getting so close to winning without ever taking the crown. Like many of you, we really want to see her updated because a badass half-dragon shifter has so much potential," Mireles explained. "As you know we don't do votes for every VGU, like with Mundo. So while we can't promise that Shyvana will be the next big VGU we do, she is a pretty strong contender for the next one we explore outside of a VGU vote."

For now, it remains to be seen when this Shyvana rework would actually end up coming to fruition in League of Legends if Riot opts to move in this direction. Currently, Udyr is the champion that Riot is focused on reworking, which will then lead into Skarner's own VGU. If a Shyvana rework does get greenlit within Riot at some point this year, there's a good chance that the new version of the champion will then roll out within League of Legends at some point in 2023. 


Are you someone who desperately wants to see Shyvana get a much-needed rework? Or would you prefer to Riot focus on other champions? Let me know your thoughts either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.