League of Legends Is Getting a Dabbing Penguin Emote

League of Legends Emotes

A series of new emotes that are coming to League of Legends have been added to the PBE, the most important of which is a dabbing penguin.

Sure, the other two emotes – a Yasuo telling you to “bring it” and an Ashe that laughs at your futile attacks – look like they’ll be pretty tilting to play against. But neither those two or many of the other emotes that have been released in the past can stand up to the frustration that a dabbing penguin will cause when you dab on your opposing laner after diving them under turret or narrowly dodging all of their attacks.

This isn’t the first time that a penguin has been used in an emote, but it’s certainly one of the more interesting options. Penguins with top hats and other accessories can be found throughout League in emotes and Summoner Icons, but the new emote shows a newly-focused, BM-filled side of the penguins in League.

Ever since the new emotes were spotted in the PBE and were first reported on by Surrender@20, the images of the emotes have been shared through different forums with the dabbing penguin at the forefront of the conversation. Since it was revealed on the PBE, it’s been met with comments like “leave dabbing in 2017” and others saying that it’s something they’ll buy ironically, but with it already being a polarizing emote, that just means one thing for those looking to tilt their opponents: It’s a must-buy.


The emote is already setting players off without even being officially released in the game yet, so just imagine what it’ll do to an enemy when you fill your emote wheel with dabbing penguins and go crazy in each game. While some emotes try to communicate different emotions and sayings, this message you’re sending to your haters is a pretty clear one.

Prices for the new emotes haven’t been revealed just yet, but you can likely expect them to fall in line with previous emote releases. You can also expect the penguin climb right up the list of most tilting emotes whenever it’s eventually updated.