League of Legends Reveals 6 Dragonmancer Skins, New Prestige Edition

Riot Games showed off six more League of Legends skins this week as they arrive on the PBE for testing. The new skins belong to five different champions and are part of a new set called “Dragonmancer” with one of the skins doubling as a Prestige Edition cosmetic. The champions receiving these Dragonmancer skins are Lee Sin, Ashe, Brand, Aurelion Sol, and Sett, and we’ve gotten a first look at each of them in action thanks to some videos shared on social media.

The Dragonmancer set is one that’s been teased in the past when Riot said that it would be giving Aurelion Sol his first new skin in a while. The space dragon is only one part of the Dragonmancer set, but his skin will immediately look familiar to those who recall the designs for a champion by the name of Ao Shin who never officially made it into League of Legends.

As for Sett’s skins, he’s getting two different cosmetics since one of them is a Prestige Edition skin. Sett’s Prestige skin keeps the signature golds of the Prestige Edition cosmetics intact but takes on some darker colors as well similar to the Nightbringer Lee Sin Prestige Edition skin.

Though they’re part of the Dragonmancer set, each skin has a unique name. Those skins are Storm Dragon Lee Sin, Fae Dragon Ashe, Eternal Dragon Brand, Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol, Obsidian Dragon Sett, and Obsidian Dragon Sett Prestige Edition. You can see each of them in action below.


The Brazilian League of Legends account also shared the splash arts for the skins for those who want to see the full designs before they come to live servers and grace the stores.

With Sett’s Prestige Edition skin now revealed, that’s one more champion off the list of those confirmed to be getting Prestige Edition skins throughout the year. We’ve seen skins for Teemo, Yasuo, Ezreal, and now Sett already which leaves skins for Soraka, Kai’Sa, and Diana to go. The rest are all due out some time by the end of 2020, but they don’t yet have release dates.