League of Legends Is Collaborating with Game of Thrones Show House of the Dragon

League of Legends doesn't really do many crossovers inside of League itself, but we're seeing an exception to that this weekend, at least in the game's professional scene. Riot Games announced this week that the League Championship series – the North American branch of pro League players – is teaming up with HBO for a collaboration with the Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon. This partnership will consist of House of the Dragon references seen in in LCS games starting on July 23rd.

The LoL Esports team shared the announcement this week in a post on the site where it was confirmed this collab would extend only to the LCS, so players will only see the House of the Dragon references in the esports matches and not in normal games. Similar to how Riot advertises its esports sponsors or events sometimes through banners strewn about Summoner's Rift, this collab will feature similar effects geared towards House of the Dragon as well as "a customized connection to each secured Dragon Soul."

"Get ready to call the banners and pick a side in the Targaryen civil war as the LCS partners with House of the Dragon, the new HBO Original series and prequel to Game of Thrones," the LoL Esports post said. "Beginning July 23 (Week 5), the LCS broadcast will feature unique elements and branding to coincide with the House of the Dragon full trailer release, and a customized connection to each secured Dragon Soul — the first Dragon entitlement in LCS history."

It's unclear from that post alone what the "unique elements and branding" will entail aside from the dragon references teased, but the LoL Esports team did say that we'll start seeing "Targaryen banners flanking the mid lane on Summoner's Rift during the House of the Dragon premiere weekend" which will take place on August 20th and August 21st and just so happens to be the first weekend of LCS playoffs, too. The announcement also teased a culmination of the collab during the LCS Championships on September 10th and September 11th, so it looks like this esports-exclusive crossover will be going on for a while.