League of Legends Previews Major Changes Coming for Season 2024

LoL is getting some of its biggest overhauls ever in Season 14.

With Worlds 2023 having now come to a close, Riot Games has outlined the extensive new changes that it will be making to League of Legends in Season 2024. At the start of every new season of LoL, Riot makes a vast number of tweaks to keep the game feeling more lively from year to year. In 2024, though, Riot seems to be making more overhauls than normal and will be looking to undo some of the more unpopular features that have come to the MOBA in recent years. 

Outlined in a new video and accompanying blog today, Riot informed League of Legends players of the changes on the horizon in 2024. As longtime players have come to expect, the most noticeable alterations to LoL in the coming year will involve the jungle. Not only is Riot changing the various paths and design of Summoner's Rift in the jungle, but it will also be introducing new monsters. Additionally, Baron Nashor will be receiving a new look while the Rift Herald will now be able to be ridden on to drive into both enemies and turrets. Lastly, Infernal Dragon is going to be getting a new effect on Summoner's Rift, but it's not known fully just what this will look like. 

Perhaps most importantly, Riot is also making some drastic tweaks to how items work in League of Legends. Rather than requiring players to build their champions around a single Mythic item, all items in the game will now be able to be purchased. Mythic items are something that LoL players have had an issue with for some time and Riot itself has acknowledged that it fell short with how they were implemented. Beyond undoing Mythic items, a variety of additional items will also be available in the shop for champions of all types, meaning that there will be even more options than ever before. 

In past years, all of these seasonal changes for League of Legends have gone live in December as part of the Pre-Season phase. Rather than continuing in this manner, though, Riot won't be pushing out these new features for the game until January 2024. In the interim, though, these new implementations will begin hitting the PBE client of LoL later today and will undergo testing in a beta format until next year.