League of Legends Releases Lunar Revel Teaser

A new teaser video was released through League of Legends’ various social media accounts that [...]

A new teaser video was released through League of Legends' various social media accounts that appears to be related to the Lunar Revel skins for 2018.

With Lunar Revel skins being released each year for quite some time now, the timing seems right for this year's new skins to be teased and released. Three new skins are released with every new year, and the teaser video below maintains that trend by showing three different symbols in the middle, top left, and top right.

A description of the teaser was also shared via the League of Legends Singapore Facebook page that gave a few hints as to which champions would receive the new skins.

"The realm is safe as long as we stand," the description read. "The immovable titan, the vicious beast, and I—the light of the new year."

The new Lunar Revel skins are released in honor of the Lunar New Year, and as such, they're connected to the new zodiac animal of the year whenever possible. Last year was the Year of the Rooster and featured a skin for Azir while the Year of the Monkey before that gave Wukong his Radiant skin, and with 2018 being the Year of the Dog, Nasus is a champion on many players' minds.

In the middle of the teaser video, the symbol definitely looks like it could be for Nasus, not to mention the description that mentions "the light of the new year." Some players also noticed that the name of one of Nasus' skins had been changed in the shop recently, another sign that fueled speculation.

As for the other two skins – one for "the immovable titan" and another for "the vicious beast" – the question of who those are for continues. Warwick, Renekton, Galio, and Nautilus have all cropped up as potential candidates, but the recipients remain known until the official reveal.