League of Legends Reveals First Vex Gameplay Trailer

After confirming a September release date for Vex, the newest League of Legends champion, Riot Games showed off our first look at the Yordle's gameplay on Thursday via a new champion trailer. We see Vex's gloomy personality come through as she interacts with different champions on Summoner's Rift, but more importantly, we get a better look at what she can do through seeing her abilities in action. Detailed descriptions of what these moves do haven't been given yet, however, so we don't know for sure yet what the specifics of her abilities are.

The gameplay trailer seen below shows Vex and her trusty shadow taking on champions like Zoe, Yasuo, and more. As usual, we get to see some of her abilities used in isolation with a more hectic teamfight showing how a Vex player might chain some of her abilities together.

As mentioned before, it's difficult to decipher from these gameplay trailers alone what Vex's abilities are since we're seeing them all in the flurry of a battle. However, we did take note of a couple different apparent effects Vex boasts which can be found below, though keep in mind that these are just observations and aren't guarantees regarding what Vex is capable of.

  • An AOE ability wider than Ezreal's ultimate that appears to dissipate after traveling a medium distance
  • An ability that allows champions who've recently dashed (Fizz, Yasuo) to be marked followed by an active effect that results in an AOE fear affecting even those who don't have dashes (Lux)
  • What looks to be a shield of some sort that triggers either an AOE explosion or a combo
  • A long-range ability that seems to allow Vex to travel to an affected enemy's location similar to a Kai'Sa ultimate. This ability appears to reset on takedowns since Vex is seen using it three times in one fight.

Vex also appears to have an animation on auto attacks similar to the one Senna uses when she yanks a soul fragment from an affected enemy, though it's unclear if that's Vex's normal attack animation or if she has some sort of similar effect on marked enemies.

What we do know about Vex is that she'll be releasing this month just as Riot said before. Vex will come to the PBE servers on September 8th and will be fully released on September 23rd, though we expect to see her abilities fully detailed before then.